Strengthen Practice Process Management and Improve the Quality of Practice

Yan LIU, Xi-yuan SUN, Wei-ming YIN, Zhen-ying ZHANG, Xin-yuan SHEN


The construction site practice of civil engineering major plays a significant role in the teaching process. Each year in the college of civil engineering of Yangzhou University, a large number of students participate in various construction sites. The management of the practice, however, is quite challenging as the practice is scattered in different construction sites and the construction progress varies accordingly. We have been exploring different ways to make the practice more manageable, i.e., to strengthen the practice process management, and to improve the quality of practice. In recent years, the paper authors have developed a practice management platform called “” based on Internet, and have established the institutionalization of site practice management. Several years’ practice demonstrates the effectiveness of the platform in both improving the quality of the practice and in achieving good teaching effect.


Practice, Zanxue, institutional management, Practice quality


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