Research on the Harmonization Evaluation of Regional Logistics Ecosystem Based on Entropy Weight and DEA

Ya-chao WU, Ling-yun ZHOU, Jun-jie FAN, Qin-man FAN, Xiao-fan ZHOU


The harmonization evaluation of ecosystem is useful to accurately reveal the development status and problems. Based on the theory of ecology and complex adaptive system, the connotation and characteristics of the harmonization of regional logistics ecosystem were analyzed from the perspective of the ecological health. The harmonization evaluation index system of regional logistics ecosystem was constructed according to the structure, function, ecological economics and development environment. Moreover, the harmonization evaluation model of regional logistics ecosystem was built base on entropy weight and data envelopment analysis (DEA) methods. The proposed methodology can evaluate the harmonization development status of regional logistics ecosystem and provide new ideas and new methods for regional logistics industry management.


Regional logistics, Ecosystem, Harmonization evaluation, Data envelopment analysis


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