Research on Dimensions of Eco-environment of Talent in Cloud Computing Enterprises: From the Enterprise Internal Perspective

Hua SHANG, Zhao-dong QIU


Talents are essential for cloud computing enterprises, and a good enterprise internal eco-environment of talent helps cloud computing enterprises to obtain and retain talent. Through literature research, five dimensions of the enterprise internal eco-environment of talent are identified. Then the characteristics of the enterprise internal eco-environment of talent in the cloud computing enterprise are summarized by sorting out relevant research. Using the Delphi method, the importance score of each dimension in cloud computing enterprise is obtained, and the relative importance of each dimension was explained using the characteristics summarized above. The result shows that the most important dimension for the cloud computing enterprise is the innovation and R & D environment, followed by the institution and culture environment, the performance environment, the personnel environment and the material environment. The cloud computing enterprises should focus on and monitor dimensions with high importance scores, so as to improve the enterprise internal eco-environment of talent more efficiently and more effectively.


Eco-environment of talent, Cloud computing, Delphi method, Human resource management


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