Shapley Method for Cost Allocation Research in Cold Chain Logistics Joint Distribution Alliance

Ru-he XIE, Xiao-fang PI, Wen-kun YANG


At present, China's cold chain logistics distribution is facing the problems of high corruption rate, unreasonable resources’ allocation and high distribution costs, etc. In order to meet the customers’ cold chain distribution demands of high frequency, small quantity and various types, the paper firstly studies the status of cold chain logistics distribution of domestic and abroad, and then constructs the cost allocation model of cold chain logistics joint distribution alliance from the perspective of cooperative game, taking the Shapley value as the core tool to calculate the marginal contribution rate of each participant. Finally, with P city as an example, the distribution cost of the alliance is assessed, according to marginal contribution rate. Experimental results show the proposed method is more fair and reasonable in allocation scheme. It can provide one reference plan for improving the stability of the cold chain logistics joint distribution alliance.


Cold chain logistics, Joint distribution, Cooperative game, Cost allocation


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