Application of Theory Related to Kinematic Analysis of Mechanism into Educational Process

Slavomir HRIC, Dominika LEHOCKA, Vladimir ONDEK, Marek URBAN


The article deals with application of theory related to kinematic analysis of mechanism into educational process. The article describes basic principles of three approaches to the kinematic analysis of mechanism, such are graphical, analytical and computer aided solution. Results obtained by individual methods can be compared, if the same input parameters are used. The modern and most popular method for students is the analysis with computer aid, at which a special software is used. This approach enable not only visualization of mechanism motion, but it allows also to define the position, velocity, acceleration, forces, moments and other parameters in every moment of time of movement. However, at definition of boundary conditions and verification of results obtained by means of computer, students need to know the theory and understand the laws of mechanics.


Mechanism, Analysis, Educational process, Theory application


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