Research on Curriculum Content and Education Model of Soft Ability Training of Employment and Entrepreneurship for Graduates of Science and Engineering

Jing ZHAO, Jian FENG, Ming-Hua WU


Constructs employment and entrepreneurship ability model for graduates of science and engineering, analyzes present situation of soft ability and its training of graduates in science and engineering, studies the feasibility of building “soft ability training center” for employment and entrepreneurship training and setting up soft ability training course for graduates of science and engineering in colleges and universities, discusses teaching philosophy, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching mode and incentive mechanism of course construction, and then puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for establishing cooperative program among industry, government, enterprises and universities and basic platform, so as to enhance training effect of “soft ability” of employment and entrepreneurship for graduate Students of science and engineering.


Graduates of science and engineering, Soft ability of employment and entrepreneurship, Course, Teaching content, Education mode


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