The Reform and Exploration of Programming Foundation Course Focused on Cultivating Practical Ability

Wei TANG, Bin HU, Ting-ting ZHANG, Yu HONG


According to the teaching practice of Programming Courses in major universities of China, the paper proposes the reform of Programming Foundation Course focusing on cultivating practical ability. It restructures the theory and practice of teaching content, and builds ‘five in one’ teaching supporting platform in the whole process of teaching, learning, training, examination and competition. The paper reforms the teaching organization mode involving learning, training, and applying mixed together with selflessness, in order to cultivate practical ability. It explores the teaching pattern of online and classroom blended learning based on SPOC, and innovate the evaluation system of practical ability evaluation. The reform program achieves good practical results and can provide reference for other computer-domain courses.


Programming teaching methods, SPOC, Blended learning


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