The Reform and Exploration of Innovative Talents Cultivation Mode

Hua-qiang ZHANG, Xin-sheng WANG, Hong-bo SHI, Shu-jun MENG


According to the reform and exploration of the cultivation talents mode with mentors from both Universities and Enterprise aspects, the specialized education system of master degree project, which cultivates creativities and entrepreneurship, has been developed. This bi-instructor system helps the realization of being productive of basic theoretical research results. For the realization of the enterprise projects, reformations of technologies and education the talents with practical techniques, this education system aims to help our postgraduates be more creative and be more practical. The talent people education system and the quality supervision system, which will be functional throughout the master project, of it is mentioned in detail in this paper and the working results are as expected.


Bi-instructors, Cultivation system, Reform and exploration, Quality supervision


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