The Influence of Chan Buddhism on Zhou Dunyi



As a foundation of Chinese Neo-Confucianism, Zhou Dunyi had exerted a tremendous, profound and far-reaching influence upon the history of Chinese Neo-Confucianism during the Song and Ming dynasties, particularly since the growth of Neo-Confucianism through the efforts of Zhu Xi (1130-1200). Zhou Dunyi’s Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate had been popularized in the Neo-Confucianism. This paper is an integrated study of the influence of Chan Buddhism on Zhou Dunyi, investigating the formation of Zhou Dunyi’s philosophy as influence of Chan Buddhism. The study will be carried out from these main aspects: (1) the Chan Buddhism’s influence on the life of Zhou Dunyi, (2) the relationship between Chan Buddhism and Zhou Dunyi’s philosophy of the Book of Changes.


Chan Buddhism, Zhou Dunyi, Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate


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