A Study of Zongmi’s Chan Buddhist Hermeneutical Diagram Indicating the Mind of Sentient Beings



Zongmi was a famous scholarly Chan Buddhist monk in Chinese Buddhism, he was deeply interested in both the practical and doctrinal aspects of Buddhism. An important part of his thought is to mergeed Chan Buddhism with the philosophy of The Book of Change, this thought played a groundbreaking role in the harmonization of the major schools of Chinese culture. Thus, this paper taken Zongmi’s Chan Buddhist hermeneutical diagram interpreting the mind of sentient beings as its objects of research, in the paper, the Zongmi Chan diagrams and pictorial schemes will be approached by focusing on three aspects: 1) the life of Zongmi and his works, 2) Chan hermeneutical diagrams that attempt to represent the minds’ functions of sentient beings, and 3) the relationship between mind, the Supreme Ultimate and ālayavijñāna.


Chan Buddhism, Zongmi, Ãlayavijñāna, Reality, Delusion


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