New Ideas on the Curriculum Construction in Universities Under the New Situation of “Internet +”

Jun QIN, Jing XIAO


Higher education has undergone major changes under the era of “Internet+”, mainly express in the use of modern educational technology, reforming the teaching approach and teaching method of courses, and it puts great challenge on the curriculum construction of university. Open online course is the integration of Internet + education under the new situation, it has become the mainstream of curriculum construction in universities. Curriculum managers need to "advance with the times", apply user thinking to transform the traditional curriculum construction mode, keep pace with the times on the work ideas, work ideas. At the same time, we use open online course construction as the starting point, promote reforming of instructional model and evaluation methods on the blended learning or flipped classroom form four aspects as followed: platform construction, course resources production, changing of teaching design and philosophy, and teaching method reform. It formed closed-loop of curriculum construction and application, and enhanced the quality of curriculum construction.


internet+, open online course, curriculum construction, new idea


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