Innovative Design and Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode Based on the Micro-courses

Shu-Jie HAN, Yin ZHOU


Aiming at the common phenomenon in higher vocational colleges such as the sources of students are complex, a greater basic knowledge’s difference between students, their poor autonomous learning ability and lacking of learning interest and so on, this essay analyzes the main problems existing in the traditional teaching mode in Higher Vocational Education and the characteristics of Higher Vocational College students, shares the techniques of making high-quality micro course, designs innovatively the integration of the theory and practice of the Flip class teaching model, and designs teacher’s teaching activities in the circle of before and middle and after the course in details. Additionally, this essay introduces application of Flip class on internet.


Micro-courses teaching; Flip class teaching mode; Online and offline blending teaching mode; Theory-practice integration teaching mode


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