Analysis on the Computational Thinking Research Status of Information Technology Curriculum in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

Jia-Sha ZHANG, Jing LIU, Jun HAN, Min HOU


According to Professor Jeannette M. Wing’s definition, Computational thinking uses the computer science basic concepts to solve problems, design systems, understand human behavior and includes a range of mental tools that reflect the breadth of the field of computer science. At present, the information technology education filed set off a wave of computational thinking training. In this paper, the content analysis method is used to analyze the current situation of computational thinking in information technology curriculum from theory and practice, and keyword analysis is used to analyze the high frequency keywords. The study found that the computational thinking research on theory accounted for the majority, while the practice is lacking, and most of the computational thinking training concentrated in the junior and high school, people pay less attention on the cultivation for primary school students. The emergence of computational thinking has promoted the teaching reform of information technology curriculum


Information technology, Computational thinking, Research Status


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