The Application of Paper Modeling in the Design of Woolen Knitwear

Lin-zi PU, Ya-nan HE, Bao-Wei WEI


Paper modeling, as an important decorative means and formal language, has been widely applied to the knitting fashion design in recent years. This paper mainly offers an introduction to the current status of paper-cut and paper-folding, two Chinese traditional handcrafts, in the design of woolen knitwear as well as an analysis of its structure and process; on the basis of which, it comes to the conclusion that paper modeling art plays an irreplaceable role in the design of woolen knitwear. Considering its unique cultural connotation and modern processing methods, it also conducts research on the latest development and application of paper modeling method in the woolen knitwear, which is of possessed of broad application prospects and market values.


Paper Modeling, Woolen Knitwear, Current Status of Application, Process.


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