Exploration and Practice of Constructing Ability-oriented Engineering Practice Education Model of "One Center, Two Platforms and Four Levels" with Engineering Characteristics

Jian-Chuan XING, Jian-Ming LIAO, Hong HAN, Lei LUO, Jie XU, Jin-Zhong CUI, Yong TANG, Jia-Cheng JI


In the "Engineering with a big E" context, relying on the Construction of National Computer Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, this paper regarded the ability-oriented as key content, built engineering practice education model of "One Center, Two Platforms and Four Levels" with engineering characteristics, updated the idea of experiment teaching and improved experiment teaching method and means, established a wide range of experiment teaching system. Practice shows that the experiment teaching system and mechanism could greatly improve the students’ practice and innovation abilities, research skills and employability.


Engineering with a Big E, Ability-oriented, Engineering Characteristics, Engineering Practice, Engineering Education Model


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