Reform and Exploration of Environmental Engineering Specialty Practical Teaching Cultivating System and Teaching Method

Hui-Ling ZHANG, Jie GONG, Ben-Zhen CAI, Qin XIA, Lan-Lan LI


Aiming at existing problems in practical teaching of Environmental Engineering specialty at present, the contradiction between the professional comprehensive quality of the students and the employing demands of the enterprise, to improve the students' innovative thinking and engineering application ability, combining with the special features of the school and the advantage of the environmental engineering training base, we construct practical teaching system of environmental engineering specialty and put forward reform measures of the "three combination", "four module" and "five platform", reforming and exploring the teachers’ teaching methods and students' cultivating system under the new background of engineering practical teaching system. In recent years, with the development of ecological civilization construction in depth, People’s requirements on environmental protection and environmental quality become more and more sensitive. Therefore, the environmental engineering professionals face with more opportunities and greater challenges. How to make students not only have a solid basic knowledge but also have some practical experience in engineering to meet the times' urgent needs for high-quality environmental engineering talent, which is undoubtedly an extremely significant research topic. This study analyzes the existing problems in the practical teaching links of environmental engineering at present and tries to reform and explore it from mufti-angle such as the teaching cultivating system, teaching method and cultivating mode.


environmental engineering, practical teaching, cultivating system, reform and exploration


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