Hints from the Evolution of Material Processing Technologies for Engineering Education in Higher School

Hui-Xin XIU, Xin-Kuan LIU, Jia-Jun TAN, Zhi-Bo GU, Tai-Tian HUANG, Deng-Guang YU


In higher education, the cultivation of innovation ability is very important for the college students. However, how to train innovative thinking is often a big concern for their teachers. In this paper, a simple way is shown, which is about how to guide the students to learn and to think about the evolution of a series of material processing technologies. With the integration of concepts from traditional wet spinning process with those from the single-fluid electrospinning, the modified coaxial electrospinning was hatched out from the traditional coaxial one. This evolution process comprises an excellent example to explain to the college students majoring in Materials Science and Engineering about engineering innovation. The thinking and explaining paradigm manifested in this example not only will be useful for the students to grasp new advanced technologies, promote them to do practical innovations, but also should be very useful for a wide variety of engineering disciplines to effectively take innovative engineering educations.


Higher education, Modified coaxial electrospinning, Electrospinning, Wet spinning, Material processing.


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