Analysis on National Training Program Research Status

Jia-Sha ZHANG, Jing LIU, Jun HAN, Min HOU


Primary and secondary school teachers’ national training program- National Training Program has been fully implementing nearly seven years’ time. This paper mainly uses the CNKI as sources of information to sample the articles from 2010 to 2016 related to national training program and uses the content analysis to static and analyzes the training needs, training contents, training models, methods and strategies, training results performance evaluation, training effectiveness and impact objectively, systematically and quantitatively, at the same time, do the keywords analysis. The study found that the "National Training Program" has achieved great success since its implementation, but there are still some problems, such as too few concerned about the training performance evaluation, the irrational training modes and the ways increase the burden on teachers and specialized teacher training team contradict effective follow-up and other issues.


National Training Program, teacher training, Research Status


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