Research and Practice on Practical Teaching System for Applied Innovative Talents of Mechanical Engineering

Xiu-Lin SUI, Jun-Peng SHAO, Yong-Hai LI, Ye DAI, Xue-Feng WU


Based on the reform of the application of innovative talents and the reform of the teaching content system, this paper puts forward the diversified practice teaching model of applied mechanical engineering innovative talents training in mechanical engineering. In this paper, through the optimization of the application of innovative talents in mechanical engineering, the reform of practical teaching system, the innovation of teaching methods and means, the evaluation and monitoring of teaching management and quality, the deep cooperation mode of school and enterprise, and so on, it can strive to improve the students' engineering consciousness, engineering quality and engineering practice ability, take the initiative to meet the needs of society, and explore a suitable ordinary local mechanical engineering application oriented colleges and universities innovative talents training mode and methods of teaching practice. In this way, it can not only cultivate the shortage of talents in the equipment manufacturing industry, but also has important practical significance to the development of China's machinery industry and the local economy.


practical teaching system, applied innovative talents, mechanical engineering


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