From the Traditional Chinese Medicine with Benefit Viscera with Viscera Theory Look Modern Sterility Infertilit

Xin LOU, Yan-Yan MIAO, Ming BAI, Ming-San MIAO


Chinese culture is the traditional culture since China keep medicine, it derived from the concept of treatment has been widely used in clinical practice, it is widely recognized that the "benefit viscera with viscera theory" theory in traditional Chinese culture occupies an important position, and according to modern pharmacological research. There has been a scientific and theoretical foundation to support the development of the theory, the "benefit viscera with viscera theory" refers to the animal's internal organs as medicine for the treatment of human organs of the disease name, called organ therapy. But we must have an objective attitude towards the understanding of things, With the change of natural environment and people's eating habits, especially from the dietary structure analysis, so that some disease had no symptoms more apparent, one of the most difficult diseases of sterility infertility, as a matter of fact, We associate the present seedless watermelon with no offspring seeds and food, according to the modern living environment, there will be a link between the two through comprehensive analysis, so as to provide a more systematic method for the treatment of infertility, it needs our efforts to discover and explore.


Benefit viscera with viscera theory, Sterility infertility, Chinese medicine culture


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