Impact of Energy Consumption on Environmental Pollution a Case Study of Pakistan

Anser M. KHALID, Nasir M. HAMID, Hao-Ran YUAN


This study investigated that impact of energy consumption on the environment in Pakistan by using a single equation model. The use of energy consumption E depends on the selected variables, and carbon dioxide emissions GDP, total capital formation and foreign direct investment are independent variables that collect data from 1980 to 2008. Results show that GDP and energy consumption impact directly on foreign investment climate is negative and insignificant. As the effects of carbon dioxide and energy consumption of the capital, is positive. Rising energy consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide is increasing environmental pollution in Pakistan. This research shows that the government should take appropriate policies to control environmental pollution.


Environmental Kuznets Curves, Autoregressive Distributes Lag Test, Natural Resources Depletion, Gross Domestic Product, Gross Capital Formation, Foreign Direct Investment


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