The Tragic Love of the Cultural Collision--Take The Muslim’s Funeral as an Example

Ting-Ting MA


The Muslim’s Funeral is the first successful book in contemporary Chinese minority literature which shows traditional culture and real life of Hui people. It describes a Muslim family’s sixty-year ups and downs and the two crisscrossed love tragedies occurs in different eras, in different forms This novel, with its real and special view, reveals the Muslim’s spiritual journey under the cultural collision of Huaxia and Islam This paper aims to show the tragic love in The Muslim’s Funeral, and then further analyzes and discusses the exchange and the collision between different culture hidden in love story. A staged scene of life dram in the book not only deduces the fragile life and love in cultural collision, but also reflects the confusion and pain in the process of cultural integration.


Cultural Collision, Love Tragedy, Muslim


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