Improving the Ability of Undergraduates’ Innovation by Reforming Experiment of Electrotechnics

Wen-Dong WANG, Xiao-Qing YUAN, Yi-Kai SHI, Zhi-Yu LI, Hua ZHANG


Experiment is a significant section in training the innovation ability and practical skills of undergraduates. Analyzed the necessity of reforming electrician experiment teaching and combined with the experience in our experiment teaching center, the article proposed some specific measures which were described as following: reforming experimental teaching method to discover a new way for training innovation ability; designing innovative experiments to stimulate students’ consciousness of creation and innovation; opening the labs to cultivate independent students; completing the system of experiment examination, encouraging students to participant in science and technology contests or research projects; changing the traditional teaching concept for modern experiment teaching goals, improving the innovation ability of teachers.


Electrotechnics, Undergraduate, Experiment Reform, Innovation Ability


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