The Transmission of Shaanxi Chinese Medicine Culture with the Strategy of One Belt and One Road -with the Example of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Jin-E LV


TCM culture runs through the principle of human-orientedness, harmony between heaven and people, kind medical conduct and virtue of great physician, which benefits all the people around the world. With the implementation of One Belt and One Road, TCM culture becomes more and more popular, and gets worldwide concern and recognition. However, currently there are many factors affecting TCM cultural heritage and transmission, such as the lack of Chinese medicine talents, and the narrowness of communication channels and the poor efforts of communication. Naturally Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, only one TCM institute in Shaanxi province, shoulders the great mission to solve these problems in order to pass on and spread TCM culture better.


One Belt and One Road, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Culture, Inheritance and Transmission, Current Problems and Solutions


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