Research on the Risks and Countermeasures of Talent Introduction in Colleges—Based on the Perspective of Risk Management

Si-Bo-Ya HUANG, Chun-Wang ZHANG, Bing-Shui LI, Ji-Xing LI


Talent introduction in colleges has some problems, such as the talent introduction planning, the difficulties in talent selection, the low level of matching degree, the imbalance of input and output, the brain drain and so on. Colleges need to establish a risk assessment index system for the introduction of their own situation, and scientific assessment of the occurrence of various types of risk probability and the degree of loss, etc. At the same time, establishing scientific personnel by the introduction planning, establishing comprehensive personnel evaluation standards, implementing the contract management, strengthening performance appraisal, perfecting the mechanism of talent management system, establishing a comprehensive preventive measures the risk of introducing talents into colleges.


Colleges, Talent Introduction, Risk, Preventive Measures


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