Information Literacy of Librarians and the Cultural Soft Power Construction of Libraries in Colleges and Universities in China

Run-Zhi LIU, Hui-Zhai WANG, Xiao-Hong LUO


With a basis in the notion of information literacies and cultural soft power, this paper aims to present analyses of the construction of cultural soft power of libraries in colleges and universities in China from information literacy perspective. Literature review is adopted in the study. By discussing the cultural soft power of libraries in material, spiritual and practical dimensions, this paper elaborated ways of promoting the librarians’ information literacy and the libraries’ cultural soft power from library and librarian perspectives. To enhance the competiveness of the libraries in information era, the libraries should construct material culture, system culture and spirit culture to better resources for information literacies education and the construction of cultural soft power of itself, and the librarians should improve their information literacy by self-study and training in order to participate in information activities efficiently.


Information Literacy, Library and Information Science, Soft Power, China


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