Research and Application of Group Cooperative Learning + SPOC Mixed Teaching in Programming Course

Yan TANG, Ping WANG, Ai-Qing HAN


In the course of programming, the author used SPOC teaching mode to carry out teaching activities, improve student achievement, but the results were polarized. In order to avoid polarization and improve the performance of each student, this paper proposes an improvement scheme: combining group learning and SPOC to carry out mixed teaching. Before class, students take a group study on the BB network platform. In the classroom, each group of students under the guidance of teachers to carry out project-style teaching and a variety of ways to mix the flip classroom teaching mode. After teaching practice, this teaching model has a better teaching effect, and in many courses are applicable, it is worth promoting.


Cooperative Learning Groups, SPOC (Small Private Online Course), Flip the Classroom, Mixed Teaching


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