Curriculum Design Research of Project Teaching

Miao SHANG, Guo-Min LIN, Min JI


The project teaching is a kind of active participation of students, collaboration, explore new teaching mode innovation. Project teaching of "project as the main line, teacher as guide and students as the main body" has become a reality. In the process of project practice, the students need to understand and grasp the course requirements of knowledge and skills, and the students need to experience the hardships and fun of innovation. The idea and way of students to analyze and solve problems has been to develop. In this article, the project teaching is carried on the simple introduction; the basic ways of curriculum design are discussed; the main principles of course design are analyzed for project teaching. Finally, the course design of project teaching is a dynamic process; the course design of project teaching needs to workplace practices for conductor, and the course design of items need to be closely linked to the professional ability and comprehensive quality of students.


Project Teaching, Curriculum Design, Higher Education, Professional Ability


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