Exploration on Cultivating Innovative and Applied Talents in Robot Industry

Nan MA, Peng YANG, Hong BAO, Yuan-Sheng LIU, Hui-Hui SUN


Innovation is the uniquely human awareness and practical ability, as well as the human subjective initiative of high performance. Innovation-driven development is to promote the nation's progress and the inexhaustible motive force of social development. This paper mainly discusses how in the process of engineering undergraduate talents training, outstanding scientific research tasks and research tasks solution-oriented are realized. We employ the scientific research training, progressive training of applied innovation, multi-professional cross integration, university-industry depth cooperation, as well as international vision of innovation and entrepreneurship education, striving for the cultivation of application-oriented talents in robotics industry.


Innovation, Talent-cultivation, Scientific Tasks Oriented, Science& Technology Training, Depth Cooperation between University and Industry, Application-oriented Talents


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