A Study on the Construction of Employment and Entrepreneurship Service System of Local University Students

Cheng-Li ZHAO, Zhi-Heng YU, Shu-Xin GUO


Through the analysis of the construction of college students' employment service system at home and abroad, close to reality, this article makes an in-depth and systematic research on the college students' employment service system of Jilin University of Finance and Economics from the school of their own characteristics, social needs and the needs of college students ' growing. On the one hand, it studies on the improvement of employment guidance curriculum setting. On the other hand, it discusses how to strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability, from four dimensions including setting the school curriculum of employment guidance, expanding counselor employment counseling, strengthening social practice and deepening the cooperation between colleges and enterprises. At last, it puts forward a construction of college students' employment and entrepreneurship service system to improve the ability of social adaptation.


College Student’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Service System, Employment Guidance Course, Deep School Enterprise Cooperation


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