Several Practices of Teaching Team Construction in Packaging Engineering at China Universities and Colleges

Man-Ru CHEN, Yu-Cong ZHAO, Guo-Zhi LI, De-Qiang SUN, Gui-Fen GONG, Zhi-Qiang LI


Packaging engineering, one of engineering programs, which is characterized by an interdisciplinary specialty, has been founded in China since the early 1980s. It has well been known that strengthening the construction of its teaching team is of great significance of pushing on the intensive and characteristic development, promotion of teaching quality, as well as the aggressive adaptation of the new normal of higher education. In this paper, taking a comprehensive reform of packaging engineering program of our University as an instance, some systems and practices on the construction of teaching team are focally introduced, inclusive of moral guidance, system and incentives, overall deepening of teaching innovation.


Teaching Team, Quality Project, Engineering Education, Teaching Resource Development


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