Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Brokers:Based on Mentor-Protégé Enterprises Developmental Network Perspective

Jian-zhuang ZHENG, Yu-han JIN, Ting-ting ZHU


Based on literature review regarding mentorship and developmental network, the paper proposed mentor-protégé enterprise developmental network concept. In the light of the existence of the above network, the process of knowledge transfer is modified from “outside to inside enterprises” to “outside enterprises-mentor-protégé enterprise developmental network-inside enterprises”. On the other hand, the importance of knowledge broker embedded in the network in knowledge transfer is more significant. The paper discussed the concept, function and classification of knowledge broker, and further explored the general mechanism of knowledge broker’s knowledge transfer in context of developmental network and how the knowledge broker transfers knowledge in different developmental networks.


Mentor-protégé enterprises, Developmental network, Knowledge broker, Knowledge transfer, Mechanism.


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