The Innovative Application of Dropping Anchor Teaching Approach to the English Aural Comprehension Class

Yang LIU, Lei HAN, Xue BAI, Zi-han GAO


Dropping anchor teaching approach is a main teaching mode based on constructivism. This article combined this approach and further explored a new English aural comprehension class method named input and output model based on this theory. By conducting teaching activities among English major students and analyzing the experiment figures, this mode is proved to combine effectively the three main aural comprehension teaching steps-before class, during class and after class activities thus to compensate the limitations of traditional teaching mode. The model can benefit students' participation initiative in class, which is conducive to the improvement of students' intercultural communicative competence, and can provide reference for the future researches.


Dropping anchor teaching approach, English aural comprehension, Teaching method, Intercultural communication.


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