Factors Affecting an Admitted Student’s Decision to Enroll

Bakeerathan GUNARATNAM, Harold S. HALLER, Wojbor A. WOYCZYNSKI, John G. HALLER


This paper presents a process for and the development of a “Choice” model for predicting student enrollment in a professional school. Our process emphasizes the importance of using subject-matter experts to identify factors that potentially influence students’ enrollment decisions. Our analysis focuses on how to identify the statistically significant factors that impact admitted student decisions to enroll or not to enroll. As a case study, this theory was applied to professional school enrollment at a private law school at a major research university in the Midwest. The research process involved personnel from the Law School’s enrollment office and statisticians who developed a model using a logistic multiple regression method by analyzing 2008, 2009 and 2010 enrollment data for admitted students to the Law School in order to predict the probability of students enrolling in the Law School. The model was validated with 2011 enrollment data using a classification table with 71.4 % accuracy.


Admitted students, Enrollment management, Logistic regression.


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