Research on the Integrated Implementation of Mechanical Professional Curriculum Designs Based on Virtual Prototype Technology

Dong-ya YANG, Tao SHEN, Xiao-zheng XIE, Run-lan GUO, Zhao-hui LI


For the problems such as lacking close relationship among these mechanical professional curriculum designs, curriculum knowledge division alone, without integrating the relevant knowledge and failing to highlight the characteristics of mechanical major, an integrated implementation system is established for the engineering practice teaching in view of the mechanical professional engineering certification requirements. This system breaks the relatively independent practice of these curriculum designs and fuses to form a whole, as well as brings innovation design idea into the curriculum design. For the target to solve complex engineering problems, the curriculum design and its content will be set in stages based on virtual prototype technology. The teaching reform can strengthen students' abilities such as operation, practical skills, problem-solving, exploration and innovation. So the reform project for mechanical professional curriculum designs is of important academic significance and engineering application value.


Virtual prototype technology, Curriculum design, Integrated implementation, Engineeri ng certification.


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