Relations Between China and the United States Regarding to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the Basis of “Soft Power Theory”

Shabnam DADPARVAR, Lai-jin SHEN, Farzad RAVANBOD


After a period of conflict between Russia and the West, new signs of confrontation between the United States and China are observed. China, as the most populous country in the world with a high rate of economic growth, neither stands the hegemonic power of the United States nor has the intention of direct confrontation with it. By raising the costs of the United States’ leadership at the international level, China seeks to find a better status without direct confrontation with the US. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as a soft balancing strategy against the hegemony of the United States is used as a tool to reach this goal. The authors by using a descriptive - analytical method try to explain the policies of China and the United States on SCO as well as confrontation between these two countries within the framework of “balance of soft power theory”.


SCO, Balance of Soft Power, Unilateralism, International System, Central Asia, Terrorism.


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