China, Russia and Iran’s Accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) After Lifting the Sanctions

Shabnam DADPARVAR, Lai-jin SHEN


The nuclear deal and performing JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive plan of Action), have involved Iran’s foreign policy as well as its economy in a new era of engagement; creating more political space and act in addition to regional and international cooperation. This agreement has had regional and global effects and dimensions, affecting all the regional coalitions and dynamics’ insights. As a sample, change in Russia and China’s approach to Iran full membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) can be noted. After eliminating the sanctions, they both have announced their consent on Iran’s full membership in this organization, while acting as the main opponents before. The article intends to answer the question: “What’s the purpose of SCO members, particularly Russia and China of Iran’s full membership after elimination of sanctions?” A qualitative approach including all the related data in the survey showed that the members of SCO trend to accept Iran as an important trading partner, preventing it from tendency towards their west rivals.


China, Russia, Iran, Shanghai Organization, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.


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