Study on Land Law Enforcement of Yunnan Province

Qiong-li MA


The content of the thesis is from a research project entrusted by Department of Land Resources of Yunnan Province, which the author is independently responsible for and has completed—practical research on land law enforcement. The goals of the research are to comprehensively grasp current status and characteristics of land law violations in Yunnan Province, analyze the causes, explore systematic measures to improve law enforcement efficiency, put an end to repeated land law violations, protect land resources, guarantee economic development, and realize the benign interaction of land protection and economic development. The thesis mainly adopts the approaches of field research as well as text study for the purpose of improving the practical value of the thesis. The thesis logically organizes current status, predicaments and causes for predicaments of land law enforcement of Yunnan Province, and puts forward systematic measures to break the law enforcement predicaments.


Land Law Enforcement, Law-based Administration, Yunnan Province.


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