Western Culture Differences and the Contradictions in the Islamic World

Shabnam DADPARVAR, Lai-jin SHEN


Regarding to the issues that are currently happening in the world, more than any other time the differences between West and Islam is under discussion. The cultural relations between Islam and the West took a drastically new turn when Europe arose as the dominant and unchallenged force of the modern era. The author by using descriptive-analytical method tries to analyse one of the most controversial questions facing analysts of relations between the Islamic world and the West: what are the roots of the conflict? This paper addresses the history of the intellectual tradition of the West and the attitude of Muslim world regarding to the rise of western modernity. Also the differences of two groups on philosophical foundations such as religion, power, science and humanism will be explained. The authors believe that the real difference between the West and Islam is epistemological.


West, Islam, Culture, Civilization, Modernity


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