The Process of Localization of Participatory Approach in Pedagogy and Its Introspection: Based on the Experiences in the China-UK Gansu Basic Education Project

Gai-xia FAN, Hui-jun MAO


As the core of China-UK Basic Education Project in Gansu Province, participatory teaching includes staffs’ participation of development planning, school management and class cooperative learning of students and inquiry learning. Taking two primary schools in Shishan County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture as an example, this paper introduces the concept of participatory teaching and the effect of its implementation by the introduction of interview, observation and analysis. It turns out that participatory teaching is still hamperred because of the lacking of school supervision and evaluation system as well as the internalization of the participatory teaching approach. Which means that the best strategy to promote participatory teaching is toexert government functions, establish supervision and evaluation system and shift the role of teachers, which also presents the localization of the concept of participatory teaching approach.


China-UK GBEP (Gansu Basic Education Project), Participatory Approach in Pedagogy, Reform of Basic Education, Development of the Schools.


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