Terrorism, Definition, History and Different Approaches in the Analysis of Terrorism Phenomenon

Shabnam DADPARVAR, Lai-jin SHEN, Farzad RAVANBOD


Nowadays, the political phenomenon of terrorism is considered as an effective factor on political, social, and economic changes which has replaced the recognized political phenomenon such as revolutions, wars (total war among two or more political units with distinct identities in the form of national states), coups, insurgencies and etc. and has challenged political life in all its levels (sub national, national, and international political groups). In this paper by using descriptiveanalytical method, the authors try to explain the spread of this political phenomenon across the world, its definition and types, also analyze different approaches in order to understand it. The authors believe that the logical-rational approach is the best way to explain and understand this phenomenon.


Terrorism, Religious, Philosophical, Psychological-Social, Logical Approach.


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