The Influence of Buddhist School of Consciousness-Only on Shao Yong’s Concept of “Mind Constitutes the Supreme Ultimate”



Shao Yong’s Supreme Ultimate clearly contained elements different from classical Book of Changes founded by King Wen, and different from classical Confucianism founded by Confucius and Mengzi. A key difference was the redefinition of the Supreme Ultimate which received a new meaning borrowing from Buddhism in the hands of Shao Yong. This paper will take the study of “the influence of Buddhism on Shao Yong’s Supreme Ultimate” as its objects of research, and I am attempting, through research and investigation, to analyze the source, content, characteristics, and history of their relationship. I intend to clarify the fundamental paths of their ideological development, along with their essential features. This study will be conducted from two aspects: “mind constitutes the Supreme Ultimate” and “the influence of Buddhism on ‘mind constitutes the Supreme Ultimate’.” Finally, there will be a summary of the basic characteristics of the “Supreme Ultimate” that Buddhism had an influence on.


Shao Yong, Supreme Ultimate, Consciousness-Only, Mind.


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