An Analysis of China’s PV Poverty Alleviation Financing Model



With the further deepening of the poverty alleviation process, the simple way of poverty alleviation has been difficult to meet the complex and diverse poverty situation. Precision poverty alleviation into the deep water area. PV poverty alleviation is becoming an important form of precision poverty alleviation. Different from other ways of poverty alleviation, PV poverty alleviation has a “hematopoietic function”, and is a clean energy which can play a positive role in the protection of the environment. However, due to the long investment cycle, the risk and slow return of funds, it is difficult to quickly raise the required funds. This paper divides the existing poverty alleviation model in China into three categories: government investment type, farmer loan type and enterprise donation type. Through the analysis of three financing modes, this paper will provide some reference for the fund-raising strategy of PV poverty alleviation in China.


Precise Poverty Alleviation, Financing, Strategy


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