Iran’s Permanent Membership in the SCO in Achieving the Goals of China and Russia in the Fight Against Terrorism (Emphasizing ISIS) After Nuclear Deal

Shabnam DADPARVAR, Lai-jin SHEN


SCO is one of the most important organizations in the field of trade and investment relations with participating of two great powers of China and Russia. The members have had different cooperation in different levels with important objectives in different fields as economy and security including counter-terrorism and they have taken steps to solve the problem. The members of this organization have had different approaches regarding giving membership to the countries and have always been impressed by the organization’s Terms and Conditions. Iran, a member of the supervisory agency, due to the opposition from China and Russia has not been a full member so far. However, the approach of the two countries after Iran nuclear deal has changed and it looks that unlike the past now the two countries’ tendency is to expand cooperation with Iran in the SCO. One of the main reasons for this welcome, according to the author, is fighting against terrorism. The question is that how Iran’s membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization helps to achieve the goals of China and Russia in the war against terrorism (ISIS) after nuclear deal. Finally, through data collection and analyzing them it became clear that the Iran nuclear deal and lifting sanctions in addition to removing legal obstacles to Iranian membership in Shanghai could expand Iran’s role in the region and the fight against terrorism (ISIS). China, Russia and Iran have a lot of common points in the fight against terrorism that Iran’s membership in the organization as a strategic country can contribute to the deepening of relations between the countries to combat terrorism.


Iran, China, Russia, SCO, Terrorism, ISIS.


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