New Mainstream Media’s New Dilemma—Phenomenons, Limitations & Future Developments

Ju-ying FEI


On 18th Jan, an article calling for a journalist to “resign his job” was reposted with a massive number on the Internet. The journalist whom the article referred to was said to have written a press release in which an old, mute man “started talking” as he received a quilt from his local community. Such a paradox was speculated to occur as a result of the journalist carelessness as well as the press’ irresponsibility. The writer of the article comments: such an incident reflects the decay of the press media as well as the “Mainstream Media”. The Internet Era brings a wide variety of information sourced from unofficial organizations as well as individuals. The information is usually carried by non-objective opinions or specific interest-related demands. Nowadays, it is hard for an individual to tell whether the “news” is reliable or not. It is of great importance that Mainstream Media function as an official, reliable source of information and generate the so called “public interest” or “public values”, however such an expectation is not met [1]. What is (New) Mainstream Media and how should it position itself in the modern society? This paper analyzes the Qualitative Research Method (with case analysis) to conclude that the New Mainstream Media in China should function as the “Key Opinion Leader” of the Communist Party as well as its people, convey valuable information with authority and express the public needs of the whole society.


New Mainstream Media, Media People Responsibility, Charitable Behaviors.


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