Research on the Realistic Obstacles and Countermeasures of the Intellectual Property Barrier in China

Hong Ji, Shuyuan Zou


Under the trend of economic integration and WTO rules, the new trade barriers are gradually replacing the traditional form, which has become an important means to adjust the trade interests of governments and multinational corporations. As one kind of emerging trade, intellectual property is produced by international law and domestic law. It has the legitimacy, and it has the characteristics of invisible, time and region. The in this paper based on the basic characteristics of the intellectual property barriers, from the domestic intellectual property legislation, their consciousness of intellectual property protection, intellectual property core competitiveness, processing trade benefit distribution, multinational corporation intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights barriers to the respondent and other aspects analysis the China dealing with intellectual property barriers existing problems, and proposes some corresponding countermeasures from macro level, middle level and micro level.


Intellectual property barrier; Basic characteristics; Practical obstacles; Strategy


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