The Impact of Spoke-characters on Brand Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Brand Experience

LU Tao, Wang Yue, Ma Ming


Spokes-characters is a relatively new type of endorsers, Based on Structural Equation Modeling, this paper empirically tests the effects of Spokes-characters’ likeability and nostalgic, brand experience on brand loyalty. The results show that: Spokes-characters’ likeability and nostalgic has significant positive effect on brand experience and brand loyalty; brand experience also has positive impact on brand loyalty; brand experience is the mediator between Spokes-characters and brand loyalty; but the mediating effect of sensory experience in nostalgia to brand loyalty is not obvious, the mediating effect of relate experience in likeability to brand loyalty is not obvious too. These results have a new academic implications to enhance brand loyalty and provides a theoretical foundation for enterprises to choose Spokes-characters and strengthen brand loyalty.


Spokes-characters; Likeability, Nostalgic; Brand experience; Brand Loyalty


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