3D Hydrogeological Structure Modeling Based on TPROGS—A Case Study from the West Liaohe Plain

Qian Sun, Jingli Shao, Yali Cui, Qiulan Zhang


According to the hydrogeological conditions of the West Liaohe Plain, we analyzed the effects of major parameters and selected the Markov chain model reasonably with transition probability-based geostatistics; with sequential indicator simulation in the conditional simulation and effective combination of geological knowledge with borehole data, we established a reasonable hydrogeological structure model. Besides, we carried out vacuating inspection and optimization on this model to select the optimized one which conforms to the actual geological conditions. The model can well display the distribution trend of various lithologies, and the simulation structure is consistent with the actual geological conditions. Finally, we carried out a brief analysis on the major parameters and uncertainty of the model.


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