A Consensus Fault Isolation Scheme for a Large-scale System

Zhi-qiang ZHENG


This paper develops a fault diagnosis scheme (called consensus fault isolation scheme, CFIS) for a large-scale systems. In this scheme, Local fault detectors (LFD) and Local fault isolation estimator(LFIE) are designed. Each monitors three tanks, while sharing a tank. In order to avoid the consensus-less or non-cooperative case in traditional fault detection scheme, the presented scheme can be allowed to exchange their captured system information in the process of fault diagnosis, so that the capability of fault diagnosis is greatly improved. It is mainly due to a fact that the designed estimator don’t run independently, but take the way of cooperation with more diagnostic knowledge. Moreover, the derivation of rigorous analytical results for the fault detectability is given. Finally, simulation results are given to show the effectiveness of the provided scheme.


Nonlinear system, Fault detection, Consensus isolation.


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