Study on Cladding Performance, Coating Microstructure and Interfacial Bonding of Metal-base Coatings by Non-contact Cladding

Shibo Ma, Mingjie Shao, Shuangjie Zhang, Hongguo Wang


Coating material and its cladding performance is the key to the preparation of high quality coating. In this paper, cladding performance, cladding coating morphology, interface diffusion and microstructure of typical alloy powder material were studied, such as self-melting alloy powder, coated composite powder and mixture metal ceramic powder by experiment. The results show that self-melting alloy prepared by atomization technology has well cladding performance which coating with compact microstructure. Composite alloy powder prepared by chemical method technology has poor cladding performance which loose microstructure. Mixed metal ceramic powder has well cladding performance which homogeneous microstructure. Fe-base alloy and Co-base alloy can be achieved diffusion metallurgical combination with the steel substrate.


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